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Real Rugged

Raptor | Yellow

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Raptor- for all things BOY.

   From baseball practice to monster truck rally’s and riding the dirt bike down the most muddy trail, our newest Raptor shades have you and your little one covered.

• TR90 Sport polarized lens shades.

• Adjustable ear pieces for a custom fit.

• Durability for the toughest toddlers. 

 *Toddler fits ages 2+



  Our initial samples had a “hard” behind the ear piece. We added the rubber comfort strap over top of the hard piece because one of my kids were complaining about the hard part hurting. We added this as an “optional” piece because we know some toddlers have sensory issues and would prefer this piece without rubber.

   These are “optional” because they can come off if you want with a slight pull ! If you want your rubber pieces to stay forever- we recommend super gluing them on.
    To allow us to sell these at an inexpensive price to you, we made this piece easy to take off. Please note, they are not meant to be taken on and off. It’s a one time thing if you do not like them, they likely will not go perfectly back into place without being super glued.